Racing Solutions is the newest team to arrive on the French motorsport scene


Philippe Dran-Padovani
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Our Mission & Vision

Racing Solutions is the newest team to arrive on the French motorsport scene. Its founder, Philippe Dran-Padovani, is by no means a novice in the field of national and international motor racing, having occupied the co-driver’s seat for a number of French drivers, including Patrick Bernardini whose achievements speak for themselves.

Despite his primary and multi-decade activity in the world of boating, Philippe has always displayed a passion for rally, having jumped at the chance to take the wheel for modern or “classic” events.

The year 2020 seemed to be the right time to take the plunge and ultimately bring this challenge to reality by becoming a team boss the new entity that is Racing Solutions Concept. The opening chapter will be forever marked by the terrible COVID-19 pandemic, which became the first major hurdle to overcome, but determination goes hand-in-hand with courage, and Racing Solutions will be ready to tackle this incredible project once more!

“I don’t hide my immense pleasure in being at the start of this wonderful project that I want to tackle with patience and humility. Along with my collaborators, seriousness and service will be the principles of our motto, of course with the passion and love of this sport that accompanies our daily lives.”

Philippe Dran-Padovani

Rally Coordination