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Are you more of a historic car enthusiast?We place historic rallies at the heart of our activity.So we have some of the most exciting and iconic rally cars from the past at your disposal, including a Group 4 Porsche 911 RS and, most importantly, a Group A Subaru Legacy.

The cars may be historic, but our service at Racing Solutions is always at the cutting edge with careful preparation down to the smallest detail.



As the name suggests, at Racing Solutions we are here to find solutions for the needs of all our customers.

As a result, we can rent you a Peugeot 208 R2, Skoda Fabia R5, or even a Renault Clio Super 1600. We have a fully-serviced car for every requirement and budget.

Please get in touch for anything you need and we will create a bespoke programme for you, tailored to your exact requirements and featuring unparalleled levels of customer service.



Subaru Legacy

The car that launched the career of Colin McRae, with driving dynamics that were ahead of its time.


Skoda Fabia R5

Skoda R5

 The archetypal R5 car, which has won on all surfaces all over the world

Peugeot 208 R2

Peugeot 208 R2

The best-selling rally car in the world, with nearly 500 examples made worldwide. Find out why…

CLIO S1600

Super 1600 Clio

An iconic rally car that delivers an unforgettable noise and driving experience. .